Limited Edition Hoboken H-Parade T-Shirt Collection

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The “H-Parade” marches on with a new exclusive collection!

We've teamed up with Solid Threads to offer a limited edition lineup of t-shirts featuring the original artwork by 7 Hoboken artists for Main Street Pops' "H-Parade" auction!

Centered upon the iconic H logo design, this one of a kind series of eco friendly, USA made t-shirts combines stylish local flavor with a crucial charitable cause. Shirts cost $30 with FREE shipping.

Limited to 300 per design or 2100 total, $12 from every shirt is donated directly to The Hoboken Relief Fund, supporting small businesses and individuals in need.

Solid Threads was not only started on the streets of Hoboken, they are a case in point example of the devastating effects this pandemic has had on small business and main streets across America. Brian Carr, the owner, had just come full circle in the square mile, reopening a second location this past December in the town where it all began, seven years after Hurricane Sandy had forced him to relocate to Vermont. Sadly, he's been forced to close this second brick and mortar location due to the pandemic.

Besides an uncanny knack for opening retail stores just in time for natural disasters, he's fortunate to have a healthy online presence and excited to continue representing his Hoboken roots online at As a gesture of gratitude and a goodbye offering to the community that launched his brand, he's partnered with Main Street Pops in the hope of raising substantial funds through these local artist driven, community oriented, limited edition relief t-shirts. Artists contributing their creative talents to this important cause include Andrew Drilon, Chesleigh Meade, Brittany Vogel, Ricardo Roig, Virginia Einstein, Ray Guzman, and Zac Scott Gross.

These shirts are available for a limited time exclusively at

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Coming Soon!