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One Pop at a Time

Main Street Reimagined.

Main Street USA has always been the heart of every community. It's what defines a town's unique character, reflecting the interests and personalities of the people that live and work there. Strolling down Main Street is where neighbors bond with each other and become a community.   With the rise of technology and a culture of constant multitasking, people are more disconnected than ever, yet instinctively crave meaningful communal experiences. The role of Main Street may have changed, but the need to connect with one another has not.   Main Street is more than just a place- it's a feeling. Our Pop-Up Programs bring people together again.
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Our mission is to bring the feeling of Main Street back,

support small local business,

and build community.

To do this, we've reimagined the Main Street experience with dynamic live and virtual hyper-localĀ  programming designed to start conversations and create engagement through the arts. Amazon, the iPhone and the internet are not going away. So what will compel us all to get off the couch?
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Team Intro


Locally Powered

Socially Responsible

With extensive experience in sales, marketing, fundraising and local community activism, this dream team brings our combined expertise and passion to boost local engagement.

Get your community "popping"with us!

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  • Tracy Gavant - Founder, Chief Brand Officer

    Tracy is a creative Brand Strategist and Dot Connector. A former magazine publisher, she has held executive sales and marketing management positions at Elle Decor, Interiors, ArtNews and Robb Report magazines and her CARMA Consulting business has helped spur significant growth for many clients, whether by expanding an established brand or launching a new business start up. She has introduced successful signature programs such as Elle Decor’s Dining By Design National Tour and The Elle Decor International Design Awards. Tracy is also a Travel & Lifestyle writer, contributing to many popular media outlets. Her passions are wellness travel and blowing up small brands!

  • Shan Gettens - Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

    A British expat with a killer accent, Shan is a sales powerhouse who grew up working in her parents’ small restaurant & hospitality businesses. Shan has recently turned her powers for good, running community fundraising efforts and an events company that services non-profit organizations. She also manages a network of local air b&b properties. Shan is a networker extraordinaire and always the life of the party!

  • Zabrina Stoffel - Founder, Chief Operating Officer

    With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, Zabrina spent her early career helping companies optimize their leadership and human resources. In the past decade, she has become a fierce Community Organizer, co-founding ProjectPlay, which effectively lobbied the local government for parks and playgrounds, and as Board Chair of Mile Square Theatre, she spearheaded unprecedented growth from street performances to the acquisition and buildout of a permanent theater and dance annex.