Hoboken Film Festival

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New Virtual Education Program!
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Planting Seeds of Hope for Hoboken

The Wild & Scenic Film Festival inspires environmental activism and a love for nature-through film.

This festival goes on tour to more than 250 events each year, partnering with groups who are working to protect and restore the important places in their communities.
This year, Main Street Pops brings this tour to Hoboken, NJ!
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Good news!

Main Street Pops’ Wild & Scenic Film Festival has been revised to a live/video-on-demand format to create a safe and meaningful way to offer audiences compelling content, while giving back to support our local community in these difficult times.

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Pop-Up Community Support

Main Street Pops is a pop-up programming company whose mission is to bring communities together.

Popping Up where we are needed, we recently launched a series of major fundraising events to help bring relief during the COVID-19 pandemic to groups within our community that most need support.

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Main Street Pops Presents, The Wild & Scenic Film Festival… Planting Seeds of Hope for Hoboken!

Since various levels of social distancing and travel limitations will continue for some time, our festival will offer viewers a “virtual breath of fresh air” through film shorts that highlight all of the things we miss… open spaces, nature, animals, and outdoor adventures.

These films will be inspiring mini-escapes for the whole family!

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How it Works

Each event in the series will launch with a live viewing party so the community can come together, followed by a video-on-demand link for ticket purchasers to watch on their own for five days.

Main Street Pops will now donate 100% of  ticket and auction sales to benefit the local community.

We have identified three key areas of focus for this series:


Main Street Pops will run THREE Live Community Fundraiser Events:


Screening 1 – Feeding Hoboken

Tickets: $10

Location: A Virtual, Remote, Group Viewing Party in your home!

  • Live viewing party plus H-Parade auction, featuring the work of local artists, who painted one-of-a-kind custom-cut “Hoboken H’s” handcrafted by local workshop Hoboken Custom Craft, to be auctioned off at the first virtual screening of Main Street Pops Wild & Scenic Film Festival series: Planting Seeds of Hope for Hoboken. The H-Parade designs are offered for sale in limited edition t-shirts from Solid Threads!
    • In Your Hands (1 min)
    • Raccoon and the Light (4 min)
    • Love, Trails, & Dinosaurs (8 min)
    • The Guardian Elephant Warriors of Reteti (4 min)
    • A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (8 min)
    • Every Nine Minutes (4 min)
    • Green Gone (3 min)
    • In Celebration of Open Space (6 min)
    • Life of Pie (11 min)
    • Sounds of Survival (8 min)
    • Nature Now (4 min)
  • Participating artists include Ricardo Roig, Brittney Vogel, Chesleigh Meade, Ray Guzman, Zac Scott Gross , Andrew Drilon, Virginia Einstein and more!

    See the Hoboken H Art Pieces

    • Andrew Drilon

      Andrew Drilon is an independent writer & artist based in New York. He’s made Xerox ashcans, webcomics, newspaper strips and comics anthologies. He won the Neil Gaiman Philippine Graphic/Fiction Award for his story, Lines and Spaces. His first book, Kare-Kare Komiks, won the Manila Critics Circle National Book Award. He is currently working on a new long-form graphic novel while making weekly videos on his YouTube channel, Comicbooker.

    • Virginia Einstein

      Virginia is a 49 year old designer, cabinetmaker and artist. She has worked as a makeup artist in print and television, created props, backdrops and logos for private clients and now is the creative director at Hoboken Custom Craft. Her days are as varied as the materials she works in. From designing furniture, to painting murals, to creating handcrafted signage or decorative pieces, she enjoys exploring new mediums as well as learning new ways to use them. Virginia lived in Hoboken from 1998 until moving “up the hill” to Union City in 2017.

    • Zac Scott Gross

      Zac Scott Gross, (b.1977) is a contemporary plaster artist whose works includes paintings in plaster, sculptural plaster on gypsum board, and limited edition prints of selected work. His work focuses between fine art, luxury commerce and large scale plaster installations. He founded Venetian Card Company, which sells luxury handmade plaster note cards and postcards for use and collection. He also founded the New York based Venetian Design Group LLC., a plaster installation company specializing in hand applied luxury plasters in contemporary architecture. His production of work is recognized in Architectural Digest and he has worked with AD Top 100 Architects and Designers (Selldorf Architects, D’ Aquino Monaco, Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, David Kleinberg, Peter Marino) on private residential and retail project worldwide, such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, David Yurman, Apple, Chanel and others.
      To view work, @artistzsg on instagram
      Website: venetiancards.com

    • Ray Guzman

      My work is a reflection on our efforts to do a good job everyday no matter what it is. Be it a farmer, a tug boat operator or in the trades. I celebrate these endeavors through the gift of my paintings. The pleasures and rewards of doing a good job through hard work, dedication, and commitment is what they strive for. Painting for me is a wonderful form in which to express these values. Painting is my work, I love my work, It allows me to reach into the souls of what and who I paint with an open mind.
      My subject matter may be U.S. presidents, people, landscapes, tractors, or abandoned tug boats, they all have a story to tell. I think of myself as a visual listener. I listen with my eyes and my heart. I retell their stories through art, with color, composition and unique materials to represent a complete tale of these experiences. I am a Working Class Artist.

    • Chesleigh Meade

      Informed by her experience as a mother of three, Chesleigh Meade’s practice as a mixed media artist privileges both the personal and the anonymous in its fusion of hand drawings, watercolor, collage, paint, disposable goods, and discarded packaging. The corrugations and latticework present in her cut-paper human forms evoke the urban landscape while unmistakably centering the lives which inhabit and sustain that landscape. She resides in Hoboken, New Jersey.

    • Ricardo Roig

      Ricardo Roig is a 36 year old full time fine artist who has maintained an art studio space in Hoboken, NJ for the past nine years. Roig and his wife Michelle have run an Art Gallery for his work on First Street in Hoboken since 2015 and have opened a second location in the W Hotel Hoboken for the past 2 years. The Roigs also show work in galleries in Boston, Jersey City and Westfield, NJ.
      Roig conceptualizes and creates original limited edition hand cut screen prints and oil paintings. Roig attended MICA where he received his formal training and was introduced to a rich art history full of many artistic styles that he draws inspiration from. Roig graduated Cum Laude from Kean University with a BFA in Painting and Printmaking. Roig has created art for Hilton Hotels, Amazon, W Hotels, NYU, Shake Shack, the City of Hoboken, the Town of Westfield, and most recently has created an exclusive set of works to be exhibited online by One Kings Lane and in their
      stores in SOHO, Boston and Southampton. Roig plans to expand his reach with OKL though a national tour in their stores in LA and Denver this upcoming year.

    • Brittany Vogel

      Brittany’s work focuses on expressive painting and drawing and sometimes even combines the two techniques. The explosive color on her painted canvases easily becomes the focal point in any room. Common themes in her work show the push-pull of order vs. chaos, handmade vs. machine-made, and geometric vs. organic forms – all placed on the same surface. These oppositional forces produce a multi-dimensional space and create tension but ultimately find balance in each other. Her work is full of excitement, color and life. Brittany’s expressive drawing concentrates on the beauty of the line and its movement. She draws freehand in archival ink so that each line is fresh and without erasure. She has now started to weave this expressive drawing into her paintings.
      Brittany is a long-time resident of Hoboken and loves the vitality of the small city. She won the Merit Award from the Art Students League of New York in 2019 and created a 12-foot wide mural underneath Columbus Circle in NYC in 2020. Many group shows in New York City have featured her work, distinguishing them with honors such as being showcased on the brochure cover. Look for her work at www.BrittanyVogelArt.com or on Instagram @BrittanyVogelArt

100% of ticket sales and H-Parade art auction proceeds go to F.L.A.G., Hoboken Food Pantry, and Hoboken Shelter.

Tickets: $10


For more information visit wildandscenicfilmfestival.org.

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More Events Below!

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the H-Parade

Screening Information


Screening and H-Parade Auction Tix: $10



Screening 2 – Small Business Relief

Tickets: $10

Location: A Virtual, Remote, Group Viewing Party in your home!

  • Live viewing party plus unveiling of H-Parade t-shirt sale, featuring all of the one-of-a-kind “Hoboken H’s” that were painted by local artists for the previous auction. This affords everyone who didn’t win one the opportunity to display their Hoboken Pride and support our artist community
    • Wave Hands Like Clouds (3 min)
    • Wild Toddler Chronicles: Legacy (11 min)
    • Detroit Hives (6 min)
    • Great Old Broads for Wolves (5 min)
    • Daniel: A Cyclist with TBI Making a Difference (5 min)
    • Land without Evil (4 min)
    • Clay Bolt (4 min)
    • Where The Wild Things Keep Playing (4 min)
    • Spawning Hope (10 min)
    • Mi Mamá (6 min)
    • A Letter to Congress (3 min)

100% of ticket sales and H-Parade T-Shirt (net) sales go to Hoboken Relief Fund, providing aid to small businesses and individuals in need.

Tickets: $10


For more information visit wildandscenicfilmfestival.org.


Screening 3 – Supporting the Arts

Tickets: $10

Location: A Virtual, Remote, Group Viewing Party in your home!

  • Live viewing party plus special performances and surprises from Mile Square Theatre to entertain and delight you.
  • The Intentional Adventure film program features 1 hour and 26 minutes of 2020 Wild & Scenic adventure selections. From slackliners hovering precariously above perilous abysses to wild beer-guzzling Kentuckians climbing pillars of ice as they melt into the Red River Gorge, Intentional Adventure follows humans at their boldest, pushing against and overcoming the limitations of terrain, physics, endurance and the human heart.
    • Wave Hands Like Clouds
    • Where the Wild Things Keep Playing
    • DreamRide III
    • Broken
    • Positive Forward Motion
    • This Land
    • Life of Pie
    • Gone Tomorrow: Kentucky Ice Climbing
    • Feel of Vision
  • In addition to the Video-On-Demand films, the evening will feature a FaceBook Live adventure hosted by our original character, “The Wild and Scenic Guy” who will auction off a handful of unique COVID-complaint theater experiences to raise money to help ensure the continued existence of Mile Square Theatre and MST Dance & Theatre Education. Bid now!!

100% of ticket sales go to Mile Square Theatre, to keep our beloved local theatre and the largest arts nonprofit in Hudson County afloat.

Tickets: $10



For more information visit wildandscenicfilmfestival.org.

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Wild & Scenic Film Festival trailer

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