Hoboken, NJ Pop-Up

MSP Gallery: Fabio Esteban MARCH 1 – APRIL 30


March 1, 2021
April 30, 2021

Main Street Pops Gallery @ Pilsener Haus


“New Rome” Series

By Fabio Esteban

March 1 – April 30

Opening Night Reception: – Thursday, March 4th, 6-8pm

MSP Gallery @ Pilsener Haus


1422 Grand Street

Hoboken NJ

Original art and hand-signed prints will be available for sale.

** Art Show is in COVID-friendly, open indoor/outdoor setting ** 


About this Exhibit:

New Rome is a merging of art and science, a counterbalance between the past and the present, it is a deconstruction of memory and identity and a creative response to the notion of perfection, as in a perfect society, how we view ourselves and our history.  Fabio is interested in exploring the use of imagery of monuments, objects, people and landscapes through a broken lens.  His principal tool in capturing images is the camera and the film which provides textures, structures and color that he is able to project, paint and or transfer them over discarded surfaces.  He assembles and creates new perspectives of life over surfaces that he has found in the trash, thrown away and devoid of value by our society in the present. The union between these images and these objects (table tops, cardboard, pieces of plywood etc.) gives him the opportunity to explore and create a new perspective of life that is malleable, transforming the use of photographs, collage, paint, and watercolor by  combining them all into a different notions of western thought, aesthetics and consciousness. In fact, his work reflects his appreciation for the imperfect, the incompleteness and impermanence of life and history. New Rome examines western thought through a broken lens that provides an alternative way of looking at history and ourselves.


Fabio Esteban

Fabio is an archaeologist, visual artist, writer and photographer. His work has been published by the National Geographic Magazine, iWatch Magazine, Tres Tiempos Magazine, The NatGeo Museum in Washington, Museo de Antropología David J. Guzman and the National University of San Salvador and NatGeo’s online  Explorer’s Journal. He has written articles in a number of scholarly publications including the Oxford Handbook of Mesoamerican Archaeology (2012), The Journal of Human Evolution (2015), and authored books including: Ancient Pottery in the Yalahau Region (Lambert Academic Press 2010) and Where Light Turns to Darkness (Hidra-Foto-Mexico 2017).  His latest work as a visual artist including paintings, alternative photographic prints and mix-media work have been exhibited at The Art Students League Concours Exhibits (1988, 2020), at  MANNMADE MEXICO Gallery in Puerto Vallarta (2019), at International Center for the Arts in Spartanburg, SC (2020) and at the Museum of the City of New York (2020). 





Main Street Pops has partnered with Pilsener Haus , NJ’s most authentic Biergarten, to bring an exciting new series of Pop up Arts Programs to Hoboken.

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