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MSP Gallery: INFINITE SUMMER By Elizabeth McParland JAN 12- FEB 28


January 12, 2022
February 28, 2022

Main Street Pops Gallery @ Pilsener Haus



by Elizabeth McParland

 January 12 – February 28, 2022


Opening Night Reception: 

Wednesday, January 12

6-8 pm 


MSP Gallery @ Pilsener Haus

Wintergarten Space

1422 Grand Street

Hoboken NJ


Original art  will be available for sale.

** Art Show is in COVID-friendly, open indoor/outdoor setting ** 


Opening night  is free and open to the public.

To register for free for Opening Night , go to

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About this Exhibit:

Ride the wave of optimism this New Year with the ocean as inspiration.

INFINITE SUMMER By Elizabeth McParland celebrates the ebbs and flows of life with a timely message to hold on and enjoy the ride, embracing happiness along the way.  

By using recycled materials such as discarded surfboards and up-cycled canvases, the artist gives them new purpose while also revealing the energy of their past. The vibrant mélange of colors and textures represents our complex lives. The colors and shapes flow back and forth like the waves of the ocean, breathing life with each undulation.

 McParland hopes to remind us that it is a choice to bring happiness to ourselves.

She believes her art shares the joy she feels with those who view her work, bringing love, peace and light. 



About the Artist:

Elizabeth  McParland attended F.I.T. studying fashion design but secretly wanted to be in the illustration department.  After designing swimwear and activewear for 10 years, she returned to school at SUNY New Paltz, flourishing in painting.  There she also found her niche in Art Education, and now teaches Art at Weehawken High School, where she shares her artistic knowledge with her students. 

Her artwork has been shown in small shows such as Montclair’s Yard School of Art, Hoboken’s Monroe Center for the Arts  and The Kean University Gallery. She recently displayed a solo exhibition at the Envu Hotel in Weehawken and was included in a group exhibit at Hampton House Events in South Hampton, New York.

About 8 years ago Elizabeth  was given 4 surfboards and commissioned to create art for a wall display.  She enjoyed working on these recycled surfaces, allowing the energy from their history guide the artwork. “Surfboards always find their way to me and I am happy to keep them out of landfills and show their beauty through art.  The paintings I am currently creating are an expression of the joy I have for life and my quest to share it.  The large exciting mélange of colors and textures represents our complex lives.  I hope they remind  folks that it is a choice to bring happiness to our own lives.”

McParland says  “I make art because it keeps me happy and intrigued and I hope to share this feeling with others.” The work in this show is about “Form and Flow” and keeping all energies open to receive. As surfaces, I use recycled materials such as discarded surfboards and upcycled canvases to give them a new purpose and express the energy of how their past life was lead. Other times I will have a person and their experiences in mind and work to reveal their inner light and spirit.  When I need encouragement or clarity I allow pigments, textures, and space to help me through the process of creation. I enjoy watching colors swirl on canvases and surfaces and let them dictate the work. My work starts with a concept.  From an early age, water has been my safe space, and “Go with the Flow” is my motto. These works show the colors and shapes as they flowed forth and back like the waves of the ocean breathing life with each undulation. I show my work to bring the optimism and the joy I feel to people who view and own my work. I wish you love, peace, and light.”



Main Street Pops has partnered with Pilsener Haus & Biergarten since 2021 to bring a series of Pop up Arts Events to Hoboken, NJ.

The goal of this series is to create a community gathering place that shares local artists’ work to start conversations and bring people together.

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